OpenVAS certificate problem

I had an old installation of OpenVAS. Tried to update it: loading the syncs from the servers went fine, but whenever I tried to do:
openvasmd -u --progress

I got:
Rebuilding NVT cache… failed.

In the logs i found:
Failed to shake hands with peer: The TLS connection was non-properly terminated

Which made me think this is a TLS related problem.

This one, suggested this also
this link

but giving also false information that this is gnutls version related.

It looked like my certs expired, so I recreated them with
openvas-mkcert-client -n -i

but still similar problem. Tried newer versions of OpenVAS, but to no avail.

The solution:
openvasmd --modify-scanner=08b69003-5fc2-4037-a479-93b440211c73 --scanner-ca-pub /usr/local/var/lib/openvas/CA/cacert.pem --scanner-key-pub /usr/local/var/lib/openvas/CA/clientcert.pem --scanner-key-priv /usr/local/var/

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